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Andrew Sa
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Being a South African...I never really saw any international bands there apart from Smashing Pumpkins, James, Jackson Browne...maybe a few more...until I got out here to England...I have since seen many bands...the best show I have seen was Greenday at Milton Keynes Bowl in June...was there biggest show ever...65000 people on both thats 13000 in two days......that was the best all round show...but I think Mark Knopfler at the Royal Albert Hall was probably the best playing and all that I have seen.

Also Coheed and Cambria (seen them twice) were amazing...and Bright Eyes (also seen them twice) are amazing.
Funeral for a Friend are also really good live.

lets turn this around tho...what is the worst international,succesful band you guys have seen?

The most dissappointing I have seen is probably Finch...I love them, maybe I just saw a bad gig, but they were very dissappointing.
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