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Ian Rossiter
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For those not in the know, Brent Mason is a session player from Nashville who's name you not might know....but you've heard him.
He's not only the most scary country shredder, but a formidable Jazz player. Ever watch Friends??? The end music is Brent. He's done 1000's of sessions for everything from Shania Twain to Levi's. There ain't a syle he can't nail.
Danny Gatton was another guy who could do it all;Jazz,Country,Rockabilly,Soul, Blues, Surf.....ect.
Tommy Tedesco was a Hollywood session player in the 50's,60's,70'sand 80's. Ever hear the theme song from ;M*A*S*H,Three's Company,ever hear the Beach Boys...that was Tommy. He was called the most recorded Guitarist in history. Countless TV,Film and Album work over 40 yrs!!!