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dylan thermos
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dylan thermos
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Joined: 07/08/05
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07/08/2005 2:02 pm
I'm new here but I have been writing songs for some time now.
My songs are usually set to some kind of plan.
As in all things a plan is useful.
No.1 Come up with idea for song.
This might be from a book a movie or just listening to someone speaking on a bus/train/ a joke, a famous saying, a play on words... etc.etc.
If you have a chord sequence in your head or mind or you are sitting with your instrument just trying different things one particular riff or phrase will stand out?
No.2 I like to put my recorder in record mode and try out all the ideas I get.
Once I have an idea I set up a click track and then play along with it.
Once this is done You are able to do a guide track.
From this you are able to add drums, bass and all the other elements of creating a song.
To illustrate my point if you visit my site at soundclick .com you will see a song called "My wife ran off with my best friend.Oh! How I miss Him!"
Now this might not be a rock song but it is crafted in the plan format.
I had the idea from the old joke.
My song tells a story has a begining, middle and end.
It's not the best song in the world but we all got to start somewhere?
This format will work for all go on give it a go?