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Dan Zepllindrix
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Dan Zepllindrix
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Joined: 04/04/01
Posts: 10
04/04/2001 9:34 pm
Stairway to heaven is obviously #1, but i can't put an order on the rest.
Bob Dylan:Hurricane, Like a Rolling Stone
Hendrix:Fire, All Along the Watchtower, Purple Haze, Gypsy Eyes, and Voodoo Child (even though i like SRV's version better)and oh so many more
Zeppelin:The Battle of Evermore, No Quarter (listen to the 30min live version on the Coast to Coast CD.)Kashmir,and the entire Led Zepplin IV Album (the one w/ stairway on it i think it's IV--its got the old guy on front with the bundle of sticks on his back.)
Nick Drake:Pink Moon
Def Leopard:Pour Some Sugar
Dave Matthews Band:Ants Marching, Sattelite, What Would You Say
Jefferson Airplane: Somebody to love, White Rabbit
ACDC:All Night Long (i think its called that)
Tommy James and the Shondells:Crimson and Clover (listining to it right now):)
Peter Frampton:Do you feel...(live)
Weird Al:Jerry Springer (funniest song ever):)
Radiohead:Paranoid Android
Edwin Starr:War
David Bowie:Changes, Space Oddity
The Monkeys: I'm a Believer
Moby:South Side
The Who:My Generation,Baba O'Reilly (Teenage Wasteland), Boris the Spider, Pinball Wizard
SRV:Traffic Jam (the version where he's jammin' with Carlos Santana),Voodoo Child/Chile whatever,Pride and Joy, Cold Shot (there is a CD of Stevie playing at the Knicker Bocker which is my humble old town of Westerly. Its got horrible sound, but if you can hear past it, it kicks ass. Room Full of Blues opened up for him, and my band teacher played with them.)
Sorry for the length