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If you do an audition for a position in a group and find that there are lots of others trying out for the same part, do you always seem to get worked up about it questioning whether or not you're good enough?

Alot of the times we base our whole lives on these auditions, because we need the work, and sometimes we feel that that longer we wait, the worse things will get. But sometimes whoever is making the decision is probably making it based on some obscure reason that may not have anything to do with music. My favorite stories from my friends involve their going to auditions and being cut without plying a note, based on their age, weight, hairstyle, etc. You cannot make people choose you, you simply can do your best and get something positive out of the experience, even if it just makes you see the process for what it really is. its so ridiculous how there are alot of bands who recruit their members bsed on look, style, and attitude, instead of how they play their darn intruments..

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