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[font=trebuchet ms]This is the first FR I've ever owned, and I've only been using it for a week. I'm still farting around with the setup, trying to get the action lower. Tuning stability hasn't been an issue for me yet, because I have to re-tune every time I tweak something. I wedge the trem-block from behind the guitar, tune the strings, and then tighten the spring claw just enough to lift the block away from the wedge. That usually gets me close enough to start the back-and-forth routine of re-tuning and adjusting the springs. I've been a woodworker long enough to be very leery of anything that relies on a wood-screw (or two) to hold that much tension.

I'm finding all sorts of reasons to either work up my own design or leave trem-axes to other, more patient people! These days, I suspect the term "whammy" refers to what this P.O.S. inspires me to do with this axe! :mad:

I have seven other guitars and a bass - all hard-tails. They work well for me.[/font]
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