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Originally Posted by: ChristophI was looking specifically for a tuning method (aka tune string x, fret x, to string y, fret y). I remember seeing something like that on here a long time ago, but I was unable to find it).

Eric Johnson starts tuning from the middle strings D & G then goes out till he reaches the both E's , he does that on a standard strat ... I didn't get the point of that anyway , but may be that was what you saw here before.

Anyway , tuning a FR guitar is just as tuning any other guitar , you just have to retune few more times than non FR guitars before the strings are all in tune and stable , then lock the nut.
If you don't use a tuner , you're in trouble !
Also , make sure that the bridge is floating almost parallel to the body .... If there's a slight angle , it should be towards the neck rather than the bridge cavity.