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Jolly McJollyson
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Jolly McJollyson
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09/24/2004 2:49 pm
This one's called: "The Boxing Rabbi Steinberg"

Listen in and you'll hear the tale of the boxing Rabbi Steinberg
The people worshipped him, from Anderson to Weinberg
Anybody who could ever have known him, would love that Steinberg man
For Steinberg solves our problems, or he does what'er he can.

In a time when the streets were filled with human party poppers
Steinberg put a stop to it, he was the party popper stopper.
No mortal man could ever resist him, for Steinberg was so strong
And he fought so hard for justice, we knew Steinberg wasn't wrong.

One day in a pizza parlor a popper stopped on by
'Twas panic, 'twas EMERGENCY and "STEINBERG!!" was the cry!
I a flash our Rabbi appeared, he was as angry as a can be.
An when the smoke had cleared the people cheered for he who set them free!

Old woman on a bus one day and Steinberg was too late.
She cried and screamed, at the smiles that gleamed, and so she met her fate.
Steinberg came before the judge and court, for his duty had been failed.
And as they took his badge away, 'Twas only Steinbergs mighty Wail!

They said, "You have killed too many people, and see what it has done?"
"Old woman on a bus today, and still the poppers come!"
"You defend, and yet you offend, those you offer defense!"
"Good fences make bad neighbors! So tear down your Steinberg fence!"

With no one too defend them, Steinberg's town was lost.
Not one man would hear their plea, and so greatly did it cost.
Though some were strong as Steinberg, their hearts were cold as stone.
They saw the party poppers, but they left it alone.

Gunned down in 'Salem town, that's where we found our Steinberg.
Nobody aided him from Anderson to Weinberg.
Anybody who could ever have known him, would wonder why he left.
Now they knew that there would never be peace, as Steinberg somewhat kept.
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