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09/19/2004 6:27 am
Originally Posted by: kpxmikey89ok.. lets talk about some Vai here...

to start off...

in one of his compositions called "For the Love of God"
he says "walking the fine line between Pagan and Christian"
waht the heck is he talking about? do any of u guys know?[/QUOTE]
My guess is that it was just something cool to say. I think when he's referring to God in the title it's more of just a song for people who believe in a higher power, you know. It's purposefully vague and left open to interpretation.

Originally Posted by: kpxmikey89
and do u guys thinking he has his own unique style of music?
kinda like semi-blues-fusion-classic-instrumental?
sounds a little alieanish doesnt it?[/QUOTE]
Vai's a world class musician his music is top-notch and incorporates pieces of every style into his own unique blend. A truely talented musician indeed.

and... is Vai Christian? and does he use other modes than Lydian and Mixolydian for tapping solos??

Vai follows an eastern religion known as Santmat. As for his tapping solos I'm not sure I've never analyzed them all, but he is awfully fond of the mixolydian mode, that's for sure.

AND>>.... most importantly

lol... do u know anywhere i can get tabs for "i know You're here" from teh G3 live from Denver?

theres a link above, a live cut of that song..l.
u guys can try to tab it if you want.. please...
haha ...

I too tried looking up that tab without any luck, it'd be kinda hard to play without a triple-neck guitar anyways. Here's a picture I snapped of him playing that song live when I saw him in Pittsburgh last November.

Take it easy dude, glad to see another Vai fan out there.
Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.
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