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Old 04-30-2012, 12:04 AM
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Taylor 614CE

I purchased a Taylor 614CE brand new back in June, 2006. it was a 2005 mfg model an got a great price on it. Anyway, recently, leaving for a gig in a hurry, actually a recording session, I as a 50 yr old idiot aka 70's - 80's hair band warrior with over 30 yrs playing experience backed over my Taylor acoustic with my Dodge Ram 3500 WWIII working tank and now am in the market for just the neck. I pulled that NT neck which I thought was almost lame to do,...but what the hell, the tone and looks are still to die for with the Big Leaf Maple back, sides, and neck. If anyone knows where I can find a salvaged 614CE NT neck for my beast will have eternal homage from a 50 yr old idiot. Taylor will not sell the neck and wants me to send it in. I have 30+ yrs playing and building experience along with being a thrift player, prefer to do it myself, just because. HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Regards from Colorado....!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. I did purchase a 2006 replacement and it is amazing how different the playability and tone is..., but. I still love the impeccable no dent, no scratch finish of my original 2005 and want to restore it to sell or pass on to one of my grandsons. : )

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Old 04-30-2012, 01:45 PM
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wow, haha...

finding a taylor neck is unfortunately not quite the same thing as finding a neck of just any guitar... most of those instruments are cared for in a manor that would make most children jealous. leaving little spare parts available on the market. first place would be to scour the musiciansfriend and guitar center websites for damaged guitars. already searched ebay for you and no dice... i believe taylor has a pattent on their neck joint so you can't just buy aftermarket necks from warmoth that i know of... you might still check their though. they might be able to point you in a less general direction.
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