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8. SCREW THE NEW PICKUP IN PLACE (make sure the wire is facing down, toward the bridge) AND RESTRING THE GUITAR.

You're basically done. Start wailing with your new pickup.

the guitar I did this on was a Kramer Baretta FX-404 neck-through hardtail, and the pickup was a DiMarzio Tone Zone. Excellent combination, I must say. I'd had the guitar for all of 8 hours when I swtiched the pickup; the pickup had arrived one day earlier than the guitar. The stock pickups on it didn't suit my personal style, but have gobs of output. I put the old bridge p/u in a friend's Fender Jazzmaster that had been modded to take humbuckers and had a pickup die; the other one is up for grabs, $20, after I get a new neck pickup.

All in all, this install took about 10 minutes, including taking pictures, telling my girlfriend to shut up and stop laughing at me, and sipping a Diet Coke while doing everything.

Feedback/suggestions are welcome and encouraged...
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