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Slipin Lizard eventually gets it mostly right
Good effort! There's definitely issues, but to me it sounds more like a "rough mix" that could be developed further.

With the first two songs, I think one of the big problems is that sonically the two guitars are really competing with each other, especially in "Should Have Left Town"... you set up a nice groove in that song, and it sounds like you're more comfortable playing it, but the two guitars are really clashing to my ear. What I would suggest when over-laying guitar parts is to think in four "dimensions"... everyone gets the first two...

-Pan: put one guitar on the left, one on the right... you did this, but maybe not quite enough.

-Volume: one guitar is louder than the other... pick the one you want to stand out, then mix in the other so it doesn't interfere with that guitar part.

-Frequency: this is where you're having the biggest problem. The guitars tonally sound almost identical in "Should Have Left Town" so it really starts to sound mushy. Its good to think in terms of frequency and tone.. so if you're going to have one really clean acoustic sounding part in the mid-range, maybe you want a fairly dirty lead part, or a really low growly power-chord for the other guitar part.

-Depth: where in "space" are the guitars? Use reverb to place one "back" while keeping the other "forward".

These are just a few techniques that can help keep your mix coherent. The last song "Still got this Feeling" is the strongest. Parts of it remind me of Pink Floyd. Your vocals are fairly pitchy, so what I think would really serve that song well would be to do an "acoustic only" version... so just one acoustic guitar, and a single vocal track. Bring the vocals up in the mix and add more reverb to expand the vocal a bit. Just focus on capturing the mood on the song with an acoustic and one vocal track, then go from there. Hope this helps!
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