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Hey guitarists,

Please answer a question for me: Electronically and constituently, what is the difference between a new $99 dollar guitar and a new $3000 guitar?

I never really understood. I know all the principles of electronics behind pickups, switches, dials, etc. In fact, I've made simple pickups myself using copper wire, a bar magnet, and some other simple elements. The electronics that go into guitars aren't very complicated, even when you have elements like sustainers. In fact, with minimal electronics knowlegdge and good woodworking skill, any of you can make your own electric guitar, which is what I'm doing right now. The basic electronic blueprint that goes into most every guitar follows the same general pattern.

So, despite my understanding of the electronics and mechanics, I still can't see what makes some electric guitars $100 and some $3000 dollars. If anyone knows, please inform me.

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