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Raskolnikov 12-17-2000 11:17 PM

Hey, what are you all using for band transportation purposes? Vans, trailers, yer wife's station wagon, some combonation there of?
Personally, I have a ford aerostar, it has plenty of room for my rig, and a drum set, and actually, a guitar rig and PA can fit in there too things start getting really tight though.

Rat520 12-18-2000 12:20 AM

my family has one of those big vans with a wheelchair spot in the back, you can fit almost anything in those things so it's pretty easy to get my gear around.

jake sommers 12-18-2000 12:41 AM

my friend zig would carry a bouble bass violin on the cta(public transportation). Now that is somethin' funny to behold.

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