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Rammstein2452 10-17-2000 03:57 PM

I realize i've been using this board ALOT, I dont know its just a kewl place to chat. If you all think I should stop tell me, cause I cant stop! j/k later
P.S. dont wana be mean or anything and im probably wrong, but, would if the josh underwood 2 is actually the first? trying to redeem himself?? hmmmmmm, if not then sorry,


robert 10-17-2000 06:21 PM

haven't gotten on my nerves yet! by the way...i just got the rammstein video, it kicks...and jackass is totaly crazy!

James 10-17-2000 09:15 PM

Nothing bothers me about posts related to guitar, and I think that goes for most everyone else here as well. The only time we get sorta annoyed is when people (I won't name any specific people) start using the board to post every little thought that pops into their minds. But you've done nothing of the sort so far rammstein.

Rammstein2452 10-17-2000 09:47 PM

Thats great man. I told yah the rammstein video is cool!! hah, well, c-yah later!


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