View Full Version : The 'A Hard Day's Night' Challenge

07-23-2001, 02:42 PM
Do any ultra sharp-eared guitarists out there have a suggestion as to what chord John Lennon [AND LENNON ONLY] is playing in the famous apocalyptic intro to ‘A Hard Day’s Night’?

N.B. I am NOT referring to Harrison’s 12-string chord, or the piano or bass contributions - or to the implied chords of any combination sonority.

Having listened to the various studio out-takes and manipulated the sound (every which way) on many versions, I believe there is a distinct chord from John’s acoustic guitar in the mix on the original ‘soundtrack’ album version. Later this year my book on Beatles music will feature a previously unpublished suggestion and I wondered if there is someone out there who might independently corroborate my thoughts.

As a challenge to the true musos in the cyberspace guitar community, I will make a published acknowledgement in my book (and give a free copy) to the first person who contacts me [direct to my e-mail] with what I [at least] believe is the ‘correct’ mystery Lennon chord.

Please do not reply if your answer is the standard suggestions of G7sus4 or Fadd 9 (or any inversion thereof).

The one clue I will give is that Lennon had played this chord before…..

You have til the end of August!

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