Easy Songs To Play On Guitar

A steady diet of easy songs on the guitar can be enjoyed by even the absolute beginner.

With just a few basic chords, there are literally thousands of songs that can be easily played, including the following:

These are just a few of the songs Guitar Tricks offers in their Songs Made Easy lessons, that help you start playing songs faster by providing stripped-down versions of each song with simpler chords. For example, instead of throwing a Bm7b5 at you, you'll learn the song with a basic Bm.

It sounds close to the original and gets you playing faster, while you can always add the more complex chords once you're more comfortable with the tune.

So not only will it be an enjoyable break from rigorous practice, but will give you an opportunity to get familiar with chord progressions that you'll continue to use for a long time. There's a sense of accomplishment that comes with being able to play songs, regardless of how easy they are. It means you're seeing a tangible benefit of all the practice time you've put in.

It's a nice reminder of why you picked up the guitar in the first place. Those drills DO pay off!

Simple songs like “Sweet Home Alabama” and “I've Been Everywhere” also give you practice changing chords, maintaining a consistent rhythm, working on different strumming patterns, refining your tone and cleaning up your open chords. You might even be surprised how some of those simpler aspects of the instrument need to be continuously practiced.

Easy guitar songs help you do that by refining and perfecting your skills and making you sound like a true pro.

So don't assume that a lack of complexity reduces the value of your practice time or that you can't play songs just because you're a beginner.

Easy songs are just as valuable and accessible, so give them a try and continue to play them, even as you improve.

Beginner Songs at Guitar Tricks®

We have a chunky collection of easy songs you could learn at Guitar Tricks ranging from tougher songs that we've modified, to ones that are naturally beginner-friendly. They span a wide range of genres including rock, country, blues, acoustic, metal, surf, funk, and classical, so there's something for everyone. Here.s a taste of some of our easy songs with just two to four chords: