Changing Between Chords Quickly

Are you fed up with pauses between chord changes that make you sound sloppy and choppy? Chords can easily be considered the essence of playing the guitar, yet it can be the one technique that pushes frustrated learners to the brink of giving up. Even advanced players occasionally struggle with it. After all, playing chords demands a lot - coordinating both hands with your mind, an incredible amount of hand and finger strength, and a combination of mental and muscle memorization.

Guitar Tricks completely understands this challenge and has a teaching method designed to help you turn those clunky chords into smooth, seamless phrases of music.

All chords are not created equal, which is why Guitar Tricks has four different strategies to help you reach those chords faster: 1. finding a common note between two chords, 2. sliding your left hand into position when two chords share the same string, 3. streamlining movements so you can quickly get to your "anchor point," and 4. landing the bass note first so you have a foundation for the rest of your fingers. All these strategies are designed to improve your muscle memory, coordination, and dexterity. With enough practice and persistence on your part, your chords will sound smoother and more fluid.