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Posted October 3, 2018

Gretsch Duo Jet Famous Players

Everyone gets a kick out of the Les Pauls and the PRS guitars, the Taylors and the Martins but let’s not forget about Gretsch Guitars either. Gretsch Guitars started in 1883 in New York and since then, the brand has been synonymous with a number of players, including our very own Anders Mouridsen. Besides Anders, here are a handful of great players that have taken up Gretsch Guitars, specifically, the Gretsch Duo Jet. 

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Posted September 28, 2018

Mike Olekshy, Getting to Know The Guitar Coach

Hi there! This week, we're back to talk to someone special. Whether you're a Guitar Tricks Full Access member or a first-time visitor, Mike Olekshy is someone you probabaly recognize. Mike is a prominent instructor here at Guitar Tricks and teaches a variety of lessons in rockblues and more.

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Posted September 26, 2018

Travis Picking with Songs for Beginners and Advanced Players

You’ve probably heard of Travis picking, which is a very popular type of fingerpicking technique. Travis picking is when the guitar player uses their thumb to strike alternating bass notes while controlling the treble notes with your other fingers. This type of fingerpicking is widely used in blues, ragtime, country, folk, pop and more. 

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