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Posted October 9, 2020

Guitartricks App Redesign for iOS

Hey everyone. Today is a very exciting day because we are finally going to share with you something we’ve been working on, and we think you’re going to love it. This is the brand new Guitartricks app for iOS!

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Posted August 4, 2020

Learn Famous Riffs Today!

Hi everyone! We recently released an entire playlist full of famous guitar riffs for you to learn. These short, bite-sized lessons are great as a warm up exercise, or a simple way to re-learn some of your favorite songs. All of these lessons are taught by the one and only Anders Mouridsen, who you know as an instructor right here on Guitartricks and as the guitarist for Grammy-nominated country singer, Cam. 

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Posted July 29, 2020

Eddie Van Halen Guitar Style

Eddie Van Halen’s guitar style was all about using a strat-style guitar with humbucking pickups and turning that all the way up for blazing-fast riffs, licks and more. Eddie Van Halen songs are chock full of really great material for guitar learners to study, including hammer ons, pull offs, as well as more advanced techniques like using a boogie-style rhythm, two-hand tapping, hybrid picking and palm-muting triads. There is so much to dig through when learning how to play like Van Halen, so don’t forget to check out the full free lesson at the end of this, as well as the entire tu

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Posted July 17, 2020

Guitar Chords Easy Changes

Guitar chord changes can be easy if you follow some of these tips from instructor Gary Heimbauer. Gary suggests that every guitar player, new or experienced can learn to be better at changing chords if they practice making chord shapes while hovering above the strings, focusing on fingers and building strength, and much more. These are five quick and easy tips on how to master perfect chord changes. 

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Posted July 10, 2020

Guitar Fretboard - Anatomy Explained

The guitar fretboard or “fingerboard” is the part of the guitar where all of the metal frets are placed. The fretboard is used by holding down the strings against each fret and then either picking or strumming some, or all of the strings. The vibrating motion of the string against the metal frets create the sounds of different musical notes. The fretboard of a modern guitar is made up of a number of pieces and it’s important for guitar players to know which piece is which, as well as learn ways to develop memorization of the fretboard notes.

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