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How To Use Lesson Favorites and Lesson History

At the time of writing this, Guitar Tricks® has over 11,000 online guitar lessons, with more being added every single week! That's a lot of lessons. You might find yourself wondering how to get back to a lesson that you watched in the past. Other than clicking "My Last Lesson" on the homepage, the easiest way to find previously viewed lessons is with the History and Favorites features. Here's how they work.

Every lesson you watch at Guitar Tricks® is recorded in History. This can be a great way to quickly go back to what you were working on the last time you logged-in to the site, or see an overview of everything you've been working on.

To see your history, click the button at the top of the website called "History." It looks just like this:

You don't need to do anything to have your lesson history recorded here. It all happens automatically and is a complete record of the lessons that you have watched.

But what if you don't want a complete list of every lesson you've looked at? You just want to see specific ones you want to save for later? That's what the Favorites feature is for.

Favorites is a way to bookmark an individual lesson from a tutorial, so that you can easily find it later. To do this, just click the "Mark As Favorite" button from any lesson page. It's in the Lesson Info box on the right-hand side of the page, and looks like this:

Once you mark a lesson as a favorite, you will see it show up on your favorites page. Just click "Favorites" at the top of the website next to History:

One fun feature of the Favorites page is that you can reorder the lessons. Simply click a lesson and drag it up or down to re-position it to where you want the lesson to be on the list.

If you want to remove a lesson from the list of favorites, you can click "Unfavorite." You can also unfavorite a lesson from the lesson page.

History and Favorites are a great way to stay organized here at Guitar Tricks. Contact us if you need any help or have questions!

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