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Guitar Tricks Picks: Gear You Gotta Try August 23, 2016

Ibanez IR28FEBK – RG Iron Label Series 8 String MSRP $1239.99

With metal and nothing but metal in mind, we modded and tweaked until we got to the heaviest sounding metal axes ever built. For the ultimate in playability we took our legendary super-thin, ultra-playable Wizard neck, and upped the ante to Nitro Wizard - as fast and comfortable but with added road-tested durability. Whether it's a 6, 7 or 8-string, every Iron Label axe is matched perfectly with American-made EMG or DiMarzio pickups. Purposefully Spartan, you won't find a feature here that doesn't contribute directly to rattling bones or waking the dead. Learn more about it here.


Ibanez Guitar








Electro Harmonix EHX 22500 Dual Stereo Looper MSRP $368.50

Combining a compact footprint, a comprehensive feature spec and an intuitive user interface, the 22500 delivers powerful looping capabilities in an affordable, easy to use package. It records high quality, non-compressed audio directly to a removable SDHC card (4 to 32 GB) and each card holds up to 100 individual loops. Includes an 8GB card for up to 12 hours of recording time.  Learn more about it here.



 Electro Harmonix






Fishman Fluence Signature Series Greg Koch Gristle-Tone™ï¸ Pickup Set

Direct replacement pickups for Telecaster guitars* MSRP $539.99

World-renowned Telecaster icon Greg Koch was searching for the perfect direct replacement pickups for his guitars. The result of his collaboration with Fishman is the Greg Koch Gristle-Tone set. Due to the unique nature of the Tele, each Gristle-Tone set includes a full assembly that incorporates two pickups, Volume and Tone pots, and a ¼” output jack with USB input for the integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. The set also includes a completely assembled, prewired, drop-in control plate with three-way switch and push-push voice selector button.

"For me the dream Multi-Voice scenario is to be able to instantly summon the perfect White-Guard and Black-Guard tones with flawless articulation and no hum. And that's exactly what Fishman has done for me in my signature set."

·       Voice 1 - White-Guard. Open and airy, the sound of Nashville and Bakersfield, chicken pickin', and the big strum.

·       Voice 2 - Black-Guard. Fat & punch, searing sustain. Undeniable Tele muscle.

† Telecaster® and Tele are registered trademarks of FMIC.

*Knobs and switch tips not included. 

Learn more about it here.


Cort L900P-PD Acoustic Guitar MSRP $499.99 

Cort Guitars expands their line of Luce Series acoustic guitars with the new L900P-PD. The Luce Series guitars offers a smaller body shape that is easier to hold and play, while maintaining a balanced sound. An ideal balance between classic vintage looks and modern yet practical features.

The L900P-PD guitar features a parlor body with a 12th fret neck joint, a solid red cedar top, paldao back and sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, and a Vintage Sunburst finish to complete the overall vintage look and vibe of this model. Each guitar is equipped with the Grover tuners, a 45mm bone nut, and D’Addario strings. Learn more about it here.  





 Mesa Boogie  Stowaway ™ Input Buffer MSRP $99

The Stowaway™ is our compact 100% discrete Class-A Input Buffer solution designed to remedy a whole array of Input challenges caused by a variety of issues. From impedance loading and mismatching, to changes in a pickup’s character and response as a result of varying effect pedals’ input impedance and interconnecting cables’ capacitance, the Stowaway provides the stable, consistent load your instrument needs to sound as intended. While the Stowaway's footprint is small,  allowing it to be mounted on the most crowded of pedal boards, its Feature Set is professional and comprehensive. If your signal does any significant traveling, bring along a Stowaway to guard your Tone. Learn more about it here.


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