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Gear You Gotta Try #11

EVH Striped Series Guitar MSRP $1398.59

Based on the original artwork Eddie created for the guitars he rocked the stages with during Van Halen's heyday of the late-'70s through the early '90s, this line of EVH guitars includes three color combos, white with black stripes, black with yellow stripes, and red with black and white stripes. Underneath the recognizable artwork are basswood Stratocaster-style bodies with quartersawn maple necks, a hand-rubbed oil finish and thumbwheel truss rod adjustment, compound-radius maple fingerboard (12"-16") with 22 jumbo frets and black dot inlays, plus a single ferocious direct-mount Wolfgang humbucking pickup.

Other premium features include a single volume control knob, single-ply black pickguard (on the white and black striped model only), bar string retainer and Floyd Rose locking nut, EVH-branded Floyd Rose locking tremolo with EVH D-Tuna, EVH die-cast tuners, chrome hardware, vintage-style strap buttons and EVH neck plate.  Case sold separately.  For more information visit http://www.evhgear.com/gear/guitars/striped-series/

DR VERITAS™ Electric Guitar Strings MAP $7.99

DR Strings has started shipping new VERITAS™ electric guitar strings to the global MI market. VERITAS™ electric sets feature multiple new elements in guitar string construction for outstanding performance, unparalleled tone and added bonus value for the modern guitarist.

DR Strings believes VERITAS™  is a completely innovative category of electric guitar strings, with players noting VERITAS™ electrics with Accurate Core Technology™ (ACT™) and QUANTUM-Nickel™ wrap wire last longer and have more power than ordinary nickel plated strings.

DR’s ACT™ is at the heart of VERITAS™ strings. ACT™ was designed to reinforce the core wire and fill in imperfections along its entire length.  Superior core wire is recognized as the foundation for rich tone, accuracy of intonation and durability. QUANTUM-Nickel™, DR’s innovative wrap wire alloy, is more magnetic, and therefore more responsive and powerful than ordinary NPS 8% nickel plated wire.  An added bonus is the inclusion of 3 free extra XENON™ power-plain™ strings to complement the higher output of the VERITAS™ wounds.

VERITAS™ electric sets will be initially offered in standard 9-42, 10-46 and 11-50 gauged sets as well as two hybrid 9-46 and 10-52 gauged sets.  For more information visit www.DRStrings.com.

Radial Engineering Ltd. Tonebone Classic V9 - MAP $169.99 

The Classic V9 is a 'next generation' version of the original Classic that is both smaller and easier to power, yet retains the incomparable dynamics and huge tonal range of the original. During its lifespan, the original Tonebone Classic received accolades from players as diverse as Eric Johnson, Steve Lukather and a host of others. But no matter how good it is...today, players are faced with crowded stages, the realities of air travel and the high cost of luggage. This is forcing them to reduce the size of their pedalboards and standardize the powering systems. The original Classic requires a 15V supply for the tube. As a result, pedals like the Classic that require special power and have a large footprint have been phased out. This compromise of course is completely adverse to great tone. So guitarists have been asking Radial to come up with a solution that would deliver great tone like the original, be more compact and employ standard 9V powering. The Tonebone Classic V9 is the result of these requests."

The design begins with a 3-position GAIN switch that allows the player to focus the distortion range so that it responds more accurately to their picking, dexterity and musical style. This is further refined with the fully adjustable DRIVE control. The signal then passes through the equalizer. This post distortion EQ lets you truly carve out the tone so that it best matches the amplifier. The result is a much more amp-like feel with a greater degree of responsiveness. The tone can be further tuned with a 3-position MID BOOST that is used to fatten up the tone of single coil pickups for sounds reminiscent of Jeff Beck, or to enhance solos for more sustain. A TOP END switch rounds out the feature set to allow the player to compensate for overly bright amps like early Marshall® amps, or enhance harmonics when working with more distorted tones.

Measuring only 4" X 2" X 4.25" and powered by any standard 9V supply, the Classic V9 delivers the tonal shaping control of the original, yet is much more compact. Like all Radial products, the Classic V9 is proudly made in Canada from 14-gauge steel for added durability.  For more information visit Radial Engineering

BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor  MAP$199

Driven by BOSS’s flagship GT-series engine, the compact GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor delivers world-class amps and over 100 effects types. Its portable design features a built-in expression pedal and easy-to-use, streamlined interface. The Easy Select function allows users to quickly find patches by genre, distortion, or effect type; Easy Edit lets them tweak drive, modulation, and echo tones. To learn more about the new GT-1, visit www.boss.info/us.

Vintage “Signature Series” model from Paul Brett. VE800PB-12 US MAP $479

Based on his incredibly popular and well received 6 string Viator, Vintage are pleased to introduce the Vintage ‘Viator’ Paul Brett 12-String Electro-Acoustic Travel Guitar. This lovely creation is influenced by the beautiful parlor guitars of the 1930s, many of which make up part of Paul's impressive personal collection.

With a solid sitka spruce top and with sapele back and sides, the Viator 12 has a nato customized ‘v’ shape neck with rosewood fingerboard. In fitting with classic styling, the guitar's neck joins the body at the 14th fret. The rosewood bridge features a Graphtech Nu-Bone nut for superb tonal transfer and sustain, which is perfectly reproduced by the Fishman Sonitone pickup system - whose preamp system is unobtrusively mounted inside the sound hole. Furthermore, you can use the handy USB output to record “on the go” to your tablet or laptop. Being parlor in size, it is easy to transport and is manageable to handle. Suitable for both beginners and professionals who want to have a great sounding and affordable guitar that they can fit into small spaces for traveling convenience, the Viator 12 comes complete with a padded carry bag with shoulder straps for easy transportation.

Paul says, “I am absolutely amazed at how well my new Vintage Signature Guitar turned out. It has surpassed all expectations and the initial reaction from everyone who has played one is fantastic. It is small-bodied with a loud voice and will play just about any style, from traditional blues and folk through the genres to rock classics.”  For more information visit vintageguitarsus.com

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