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2015 Highlights

For some, this year will end with a whimper. For us, it's ending with a fiery bang.

With sleepless nights, scary amounts of coffee, and piles of pizza boxes, here's what we did this year:

3,212 Videos & 324 Tutorials

That's about 6 new tutorials every single week! Our instructors and crew blew us away with lots of new lessons.

123 new songs
We know you love getting to learn new songs, which is why we worked with the music publishers to get you songs by the Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, B.B. King, and more! 

 12 Made Easy Songs

We didn't forget about you beginners! This year we took some of your favorite songs and made stripped-down strum-along versions.


100 Lyrics for Top Songs

This one was just released last week! Now you can view lyrics and chord charts for your favorite songs, a handy feature for learning fast.


Apps for iOS Mobile & Android Mobile

This year we made the Guitar Tricks experience possible on both iOS and Android devices so you can learn wherever and whenever you go! 


Magazine: Guitar Tricks Insider, Issue 1
Guitar players can't get enough of guitar stuff. We play and we learn. Now with this magazine, we read, we watch, and we listen.

Redesigned Site

Now its even easier to find lessons, and no matter what device you're using GT on the experience looks great!


A Great Day Spent with a GT Member

We invited Sam to our studio in L.A. to jam with instructor Anders Mouridsen, and to listen to his experiences with Guitar Tricks. After just a little over 6 months, Sam reported: "I was able to play things I never thought I would be able to do."

Happy New Year, guitar players and more to come in 2016!

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