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About Guitar Tricks®

Guitar Tricks® was born out of frustration.

Guitar Tricks Founder Jon Broderick
Over a decade ago, San Francisco Bay Area guitarist Jon Broderick searched the Internet for guitar lessons.

His mission was simple: learn a few new tricks that would improve his skills.

But his search resulted in disappointment, and out of this frustration Guitar Tricks was born.

Jon's goal was to design a site that enabled guitarists of all levels - from beginners who didn't know how to hold a pick, to seasoned experts who wanted to improve their playing - to develop their skills. In every style imaginable, from blues to rock to country to classical and beyond.

In the fourteen years since its inception, Guitar Tricks has established itself as the premiere guitar lesson site on the web.

Guitar Tricks Today

Guitar Tricks today boasts more than 1.9 Million members. Every day thousands of guitarists all over the globe take advantage of 5,000 video guitar lessons, hundreds of popular songs, versatile tools like Ultimate Metronome, Ultimate Chord Finder, Ultimate Scale Finder, Jam Station and much more.

Full Access Subscribers enjoy expert instruction from over 45 instructors from around the world. But anybody who wants to begin learning guitar has instant access to a core set of lessons and a helpful community - for free.

Currently Jon is working on refining the Guitar Tricks® Core Learning System™. This unique curriculum has helped thousands of guitarists learn guitar from the very beginning. Guitar Tricks is constantly improving the Core Learning System™, so that it will become the easiest, most effective guitar learning program in the world.

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