About Guitar Tricks

How Guitar TricksĀ® Online Guitar Lessons Work

Guitar lessons will never be the same again. In the traditional method of learning guitar, you were at the mercy of somebody else's schedule, a pre-set lesson plan and an astronomical pricing structure. Private guitar teachers have a lot to offer you as a guitarist, but online guitar lessons have eclipsed them as the preferred method of learning the instrument. Where traditional lessons put you at the mercy of your tutor, online guitar lessons give you a cornucopia of content which can be accessed at your leisure. The best thing is that with Guitar Tricks you get all of this for less than the cost of one private lesson per month!

The Benefits of Private Tuition

There is a reason private tutors have been considered the best way to learn guitar throughout the history of the instrument: they get the job done. Tutors are experts - with rich musical backgrounds - who specialize in teaching you how to play the guitar. Usually, a tutor will put together a pre-determined course, full of all the lessons you need to pick up the fundamentals and become your own musician. As you learn, you can watch your tutor play every exercise and song you learn, so you pick up useful techniques from direct observation. Overall, it's an efficient system, and there's always somebody there to give you help if you're struggling with anything.

Where it Falls Down

It seems like you can get everything you need from guitar lessons with a private tutor - so what's the problem? Well, the great things about private guitar lessons don't exist in a vacuum - there are negatives that come along too. The biggest is the cost, with most tutors charging over $25 per hour. Along with the tutor's pricing structure, you also have to find a way to slot yourself into his schedule, and then there's the inevitable discomfort of meeting up at one of your houses and getting used to each other. Plus, since it's a single tutor, you'll only be able to get specialist tuition in one or two specific genres. Isn't there a better way to learn guitar?

Other Methods: DVD or Book-Led Courses

Two of the more traditional alternatives to private guitar lessons are home-study video courses and ones based around a course book. Many programs offer DVD lessons, where a single instructor leads you through a linear lesson plan. Similarly, instructional books usually take a step-by-step approach, so everything is comprehensively covered and the student is never overwhelmed by the pace. These types of guitar lesson (especially DVD videos) take many of the benefits of private tuition, lower the price and allow you to learn guitar in the comfort of your own home.